Gordon's Blog (12/25): Low-Key Christmas

Our big Christmas celebration was actually on Christmas Eve, and early on Christmas Eve because I had to work from three until ten last night. Just part of the job. MORE

This is why we put a tarp over the bus. Six or so inches of snow and ice over the course of two days left everything something of a mess.
Gordon, Karen, and Danny went out in sub-zero weather on Sunday night to catch a glipmse of the lunar eclipse..
Karen ties a tarp to the bus to help protect it from a big snowstorm heading our way.
Danny does a small house design using Chief Architect, the program Karen trained on in school, and the one we used to design our current home.
Danny takes aim while playing a video game at the movie theater.
Gordon playing air hockey against William. He got trounced.
William plays air hockey with Gordon in the lobby at the local movie theater after seeing "The Upside."
Danny sifts through Lego Technics parts to decide what he's interested in keeping. We're trying to get ourselves ready for smaller living quarters a few years down the road.
Karen sorts through Lego pieces. She's trying to put together Harry Potter kits and parts that will fit with the theme, which we use as part of Christmas, to go with the Hogwarts Express train.
Gordon tries to wash away some hard-water stains from the bus windshield. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Back to the drawing board!
Karen puts away the Christmas decorations for the season.
Danny scrapes some snow and ice off the roof of the bus.
Karen snaps a few photos of Lake Winnipesaukee on a crisp day out with Gordon.
Karen plays a video racing game with Danny, something she hasn't done in a long time. It was...interesting.
William gets a hoodie printed with the logo from the Marvel superhero Black Panther. Coincidentally, Karen and Danny were watching the movie on Christmas morning.
Danny, Karen, William, and Gordon in front of our Christmas tree for a low-key family day.
Karen working on the lights for her mother-in-law's ugly "seater" for Christmas.
Danny and Karen at Danny's birthday dinner, which we had early because our schedule on his actual birthday is kind of a mess.
Danny finds a feline friend at our friend Larry's house, where we enjoyed a Thanksgiving buffet.
Karen visits with our long-time friend Mary Lou before we leave California.
Danny dozes off after a very busy day and a pizza dinner at Chris and Ed's house.
Karen shows Nana some pictures from her phone.
Karen looks through an old stereoptican with some local images at the Raymond Museum.
Erin, Tom, and Andy (and Danny in the window) look out at the view from the caboose in the front of the Raymond Museum.
Tom explains his job in a textile factory to his Nana.
Our Uno game, with seven players, lasted so long that we had to move it to a conference room so that the residents at the Cal Vet home could have their lunch.
William and Daniel enjoy a game of Uno with the rest of the family in California.
Erin and Tom play a game of Uno with Nana.
Karen enjoys an old favorite treat from the Pizza Factory: a pizza with chicken, pineapple, and cashews.
Karen, Danny, and William visit with Andy at the Pizza Factory in Oakhurst.
Daniel getting ready to try his very first In 'N' Out Burger. He loved it, and wishes they's open one in New Hampshire.
Daniel was using a game on his tablet to design a plane. While he was flying on a plane.
Karen, Danny, and William waiting at Logan airport to take off for Los Angeles.
Gordon and William went to the polls together after Gordon finished work. Even with about an hour to go until closing, the polling place in our little town was bustling.
Karen and Gordon grab a selfie on the back deck, against a background of the last gasps of fall color.
Karen, Danny, and Gordon with Gypsy the Bus.
Danny and Gordon pose with a leafy and slightly decorated Gypsy the Bus before the Halloween decorations come down.
Gordon and Danny play Kalaha, a game that Gordon used to play all the time in middle school. Yes, Gordon is wearing shorts; it was warm enough on that one day.
Karen walks out to the car to go to work on an annoyingly snowy morning in October. After the snow, it rained in the afternoon.
Karen, Danny, and Thomas at a comic book store where Tom and Danny attended a prerelease party for new Pokemon cards.
Karen cooks down some crabapples to use later for apple butter and apple sweetbreads.
Gordon and Danny, Danny equipped with mask and goggles to keep rust from getting in his mouth and eyes, worked together to remove the seat in the back of the bus.
Gordon tries to figure out the bracket under one of the seats that holds the bus's rear heater. He wants to remove the seat but keep the heater intact.
Gordon threw Danny under the bus, so that Danny could hold a wrench on a nut while Gordon loosened the bolt from inside the bus. Most of the seats have to come out for the camper conversion.
Gordon sits in the cockpit of the bus. He's been working to try to remove the things inside the bus, like extra seats and racks, that we won't need for the camper. Weather has been slowing that down a bit.
Karen fries battered apple rings made from crabapples. The apples softened during cooking and the result was almost like a very tangy apple-filled doughnut.