Gordon's Blog (09/03): A Bus!

We're on pins and needles a little this weekend. Karen went southwest, nearly to the Vermont border, and bought a bus. I still can't believe I'm writing that. Not the sort of thing I usually write. But there it is, Karen bought a bus. MORE

Karen showing off our closet, which may not look like much (yet), but with the floor in we can start putting the fixtures in and have a real closet for the first time since we moved into the house.
Gordon marks off the length of a stick of Pergo flooring for his and Karen's bedroom.
Our little bus looks a lot less intimidating next to a full-sized school bus. The soon-to-be skoolie is in for a few repairs to get it through state inspection. We'll have it home to start tearing out seat for the conversion soon.
Waiting for a table at the restaurant, 21-Century version. Karen, Tom, and Erin only look as though they are ignoring each other; they're actually finding things to share.
Karen threw what looked like a perfect strike ball, but two pins had other ideas. She was robbed!
Thomas, Erin, and Danny have a little fun on the bench at the bowling alley.
Danny sitting in the cockpit of the bus that Karen bought. Not old enough to drive it yet (whew!) but still interested.
Karen standing in front of the bus she just bought! This bus will be our new camper soon.
Danny decided that the wrapping paper from one of Karen's birthday presents would make a great hat.
Karen protects her precious See's chocolate from prying hands.
Karen and Daniel show off the now-painted bedroom where she and Gordon will soon be sleeping.
William starts the process of transforming his old room into Karen and Gordon's new room with a fresh coat of paint.
William goes after some cherries while Gordon hogs the fruits at our picnic at Lower Falls.
William toweling off after his swim in the Swift River.
Karen and Danny at the Swift River.
Danny and William hang out in the falls on the Swift River.
Karen takes the first plunge into the icy waters of the Swift River at Lower Falls in the White Mountains.
William sits and plays with his Nintendo Switch game system, which he drove to Walmart on his own (without getting lost) to buy.
Tom and Danny in the parking lot of Lowes, where they met up with Karen after going to a movie together.
Danny sits in the cockpit of a bus that he and Karen were looking at for a possible camper conversion. Beautiful bus, but outside our price range.
Karen was bored with our usual ground beef meals, and so she decided to whip up some Salisbury Steak for dinner.
William pulls out onto the road for his first solo drive to work.
William shows off his new temporary driver's license. He passed the test!
Daniel with one of the artillery guns on display at the Wright Museum, a local museum dedicated to the World War II period.
The view of Lake Winnipesaukee as we were leaving the annual hospital fair, a flea market to benefit hospital-related charities.
The blueberry french toast bake that Karen and Daniel made from fresh-picked blueberries.
Daniel and Karen using the blueberries they picked to make a blueberry french toast bake with cream cheese for breakfast.
Karen picking blueberries at a pick-your-own farm in Sanbornville.
Daniel picks blueberries at a pick-your-own farm in Sanbornville.
Daniel getting his summer haircut, a little late in the season.
William enjoys a treat at Dairy Queen during a break from driving practice. He put in more than two hours in one day.
Gordon joins Daniel and Karen for a round of miniature golf on one of the rare evenings that everyone (except William) had off during the summer.
Daniel takes his shot on one of the holes at our local miniature golf course, in the middle of town.
Karen tees off on a round of miniature golf in front of a model of one of our favorite New Hampshire landmarks, the Castle in the Clouds.
Karen absolutely had to buy this hat for two reasons: first, it was only a buck, and second, her husband told her how cute it looked on her.
Karen makes a glitter house with a non-holiday theme as a birthday gift for a friend.
Danny enjoys one of the delicious desserts brought to the birthday celebration of a family friend.
Gordon sings a couple of sets of music selected especially for his beautiful wife during their 30th Anniversary Party.
Gordon marches in the 4th of July parade with The Village Players, in the costume he wore when he was part of the barbershop quartet in "The Music Man" last fall.
Danny enjoys a few moments with his friend Adele in the bar pit at the resort where Danny had been serving ice cream during the party.
Our niece Katherine and her husband-to-be Mike with Karen at our 30th Anniversary Party.
Karen and Thomas get photobombed by Katherine's fiance Mike at Karen and Gordon's 30th Anniversary Party.
Danny helps shell some lobsters generously provided (and already cooked!) by one of Gordon's customers.
We shared our site with a another member of our group who could only stay the second night. We were amazed when we arrived to see how much her trailer looks like ours!
Karen takes pictures inside a gypsy wagon built onto the bed of a truck.
Even the bandstand for this jazz ensemble was a tiny house made especially for travelling bands.