Karen dusts paprika on an interesting meal for using leftovers: a shepherd's pie made with turkey and stuffing, served with cranberry sauce. Gordon dubbed it a "turkey herder's pie." It was very tasty!
Danny dips pretzels in white chocolate (William did the dark chocolate) for teacher gifts.
William with his neat rows of chocolate-dipped pretzels, gifts (along with cookies and candies) for teachers.
The little tree out front. The swirls of snow are real; they just happened that way.
Karen finishes setting up a tray of molasses cookies for the freezer; when we make them this way, we can pull them out in small quantiies for fresh-baked cookies. In her hand is the finished product.
Karen fools around a little while we decorate the tree.
Erin and Karen sip some cider (with Tom in the background) at the garage where we pay for the Christmas tree. Karen met us after work, and so missed us cutting the tree down, but at least she was there for the hot cider.
Danny and William try to put the tree on the sled, but it doesn't want to stay on. William just ended up picking the tree up and carrying it to the front of the farm.
Tom and Erin look on while the boys cut down the Christmas tree.
Daniel holds the Christmas tree while William finishes cutting it down.
William holds our Christmas tree while Danny saws
Sukkie basks in the sunshine, which has been a bit hard to come by of late.
Karen turns some skinny Christmas trees into big, glittery, snowy ones using decorated branches.
Danny with his birthday balloons. He sort of had two birthday celebrations, one with just the guys because the ladies were both working late shifts.
Daniel looks through a disc of ice that he found on top of a bucket of water left from our last rainstorm. The next storm will be snow.
Part of our display of glitter houses at the library.
William and Daniel help put the finishing touches on our glitter house village for the display at the library.
Thomas pulls homemade meatball pizzas out of the oven.
Thomas made this pizza using leftover meatballs and tomato/Alfredo sauce, both of which he had made for an earlier dinner.
Thomas cuts out one of the little glitter houses for our display at the library. It requires a lot of concentration; many of the cuts are very small.
Erin transfers a pattern onto a cereal box. We will transform it into a little glitter house for a display at the library.
Karen found this photo booth, which looks like a teardrop trailer. Let's hook 'er up and go camping! Next spring, that is.
Thanksgiving dessert: Banana upside-down cake with chocolate chips.
Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, giblet gravy, over-roasted potatoes, crescent rolls, pumpkin custard, stir-fry vegetables, and cranberry sauce.
Gordon enjoys some banana upside-down cake.
Karen hands off the crescent rolls to William. No, William, only two.
Gordon and Karen getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. It was just the four of us; Tom spent the day with Erin's family.
William, Karen, and Daniel just before the start of Thanksgiving dinner. Hard to get two teenagers to smile when they're in the same room.
Karen, Thomas, and William shopping for gifts in Newington before we all went to see "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" with Erin.
Danny shopping for stocking stuffers and ideas during a trip to Newington.
Ambush found one of our shopping bag irresistible, and William took her for a little ride. Ambush was a little startled, but not in a hurry to leave.
The view out the kitchen window this morning. Yikes; didn't see this one coming.
Erin and Tom got a chance to attend the cast party at the Village Players.
William plays a new game while waiting for things to get started at Gordon's cast party at the Village Players.
Gordon pulls and puts away the tongue extension on the trailer. Camping season's over and it's time to mothball the teardrop until spring.
Daniel hooks up with an old friend who happened to be one of the cast members in "Kiss Me Kate."
Erin, Tom, Danny, Karen and William surround General Harrison Howell, as played by Gordon in "Kiss Me Kate."
William hadn't baked a cake in quite awhile, but he whipped up a delicious chocolate concoction with raspberry icing.
Thomas and William were responsible for dinner on one of Gordon's performance nights. Tom made a delicious hamburger and potato soup.
Our car and camper dwarfed by the big trucks we had to park next to at the New Hampshire Visitor's Center on the way home.
William helped hook the trailer back up for its voyage home. Save for a few little improvement projects, the trailer will be stowed for the winter awaiting the start of a new camping season.
The Harry-Potter themed food we brought along to the Romp. We also did bangers and mash.
Gordon steps up to the mic at the Romp. He sang for about an hour at the mic, then for a couple of hours more around the campfire.
The classic Brooks Bunch camp setup. William sleeps in the back of the car, the trailer fits completely within the canopy, along with Daniel's tent. Compact and functional!