Karen makes some notes in her house-building notebook while waiting for service at a cute little bar and grill that we found on the way home from going to the movies.
Gordon gets ready to go to work in the latest addition to our driveway: a 2005 Honda Civic.
Danny and Karen waiting for a tiny house presentation at a library in Henniker. It was a long trip, but an informative presentation.
The cats are often at odds, but they will put their differences aside if it means sharing the cozy spot in front of the heater.
William with the loaves of bread he made for our dinner. The dough came out of the bread maker, but early so that it had only one rise. The texture was lightly chewy and the egg-washed crust just slightly crunchy. Odd-looking loaves, but really delicious bread.
Danny and William with a giant snowball they made while shoveling the remains of the most recent storm.
William with his computer apart on the bed. The power supply and the cooling fan on one of the cards conked out at the same time. He's fixing it himself.
Thomas tosses pizza dough like a pro for our dinner. Gordon made the dough and William dressed and baked the pizza, and the results were, as expected, delicious.
Karen transforms pieces of felt into little snowy pine cones.
The remnants of the annoying ornament, which is surprisingly tough: note that the lights still work!
Daniel gets ready to smash the world's most annoying holiday ornament, the one that sings when activated by sound or motion, and has no off switch.
William has an audience while shoveling off the back deck.
Ambush sits in the arm and back of Gordon's captain's chair. It doesn't look too comfortable, but probably worth it to catch some sunshine.
William and Daniel shovel out from the big storm. We have to be very careful where we pile the snow so that we don't block the view of the road from our driveway.
Daniel left Gordon on message on Karen's car while cleaning up after the huge snowstorm that Karen had to come home in. Just look at her car!
William once again learns what happens when you try to steal Mom's chair: you get sat on!
Daniel plays the Pokemon card game with William while Karen reads her new book and Erin does origami with her new papers.
William plays the Pokemon card game with Daniel.
Karen and Gordon shows off their new knit caps, Minions and Jack Skeleton.
Karen rattles her giant Ferro Roche, which is a chocolate shell filled with normal-sized Ferro Roche candies.
Tom, Erin, Daniel, and William open gifts on Christmas morning.
Gordon and Thomas create card boxes for the boys' new packs of Pokemon game cards.
Sukkie stares from beside the train tracks at the silly people taking pictures of themselves on the sofa.
We switched to the selfie camera so that Gordon could get in on the silly picture with Karen and Daniel.
Daniel's finished chocolate cookie house, which is much more interesting than gingerbread in this house.
The elves, Karen and Danny, sit next to our tree, with a little snow on the deck outside, but not much.
Karen sews a new stocking for Erin, this one Harry-Potter themed, with the Slytherin colors and crest.
William and Tom enjoy Karen's turkey shepherd's pie.
Daniel decorates a little Hershey's cookie house we found while we were out shopping. Cute!
Karen dusts paprika on an interesting meal for using leftovers: a shepherd's pie made with turkey and stuffing, served with cranberry sauce. Gordon dubbed it a "turkey herder's pie." It was very tasty!
Danny dips pretzels in white chocolate (William did the dark chocolate) for teacher gifts.
William with his neat rows of chocolate-dipped pretzels, gifts (along with cookies and candies) for teachers.
The little tree out front. The swirls of snow are real; they just happened that way.
Karen finishes setting up a tray of molasses cookies for the freezer; when we make them this way, we can pull them out in small quantiies for fresh-baked cookies. In her hand is the finished product.
Karen fools around a little while we decorate the tree.
Erin and Karen sip some cider (with Tom in the background) at the garage where we pay for the Christmas tree. Karen met us after work, and so missed us cutting the tree down, but at least she was there for the hot cider.
Danny and William try to put the tree on the sled, but it doesn't want to stay on. William just ended up picking the tree up and carrying it to the front of the farm.
Tom and Erin look on while the boys cut down the Christmas tree.
Daniel holds the Christmas tree while William finishes cutting it down.
William holds our Christmas tree while Danny saws
Sukkie basks in the sunshine, which has been a bit hard to come by of late.
Karen turns some skinny Christmas trees into big, glittery, snowy ones using decorated branches.
Danny with his birthday balloons. He sort of had two birthday celebrations, one with just the guys because the ladies were both working late shifts.
Daniel looks through a disc of ice that he found on top of a bucket of water left from our last rainstorm. The next storm will be snow.