William and Erin hold a Jedi battle with snow shovels, complete with fire from the sky.
Karen doles out See's chocolates to Tom and Erin. These are rare treats for us; we have to have them shipped because there are no See's retailers in New Hampshire.
Thomas with a slice of chocolate truffle pie that Karen and William made for him for his birthday. He had already had cake with dinner, so he decided to take this slice to work to have at his meal break.
Danny made some strawberry shortcake for us for dessert.
Erin and Thomas look on while Danny and William finish some of the shoveling on the morning after our blizzard.
William works hard to return a serve in his first tennis practice of the season, which was indoors (courtesy fo the local private high school) because of the horrible weather.
Karen adds meatballs to the pizza that was an early dinner for Gordon, and a late lunch for everyone else, before Gordon went off for and overnight work stay at the resort.
Daniel shovels the blizzard that interrupted our nice, warm late Winter.
William makes himself dinner while trying to ignore his father who's playing around with a new camera.
William shows off his knife skills cutting up a pineapple for our breakfast.
Karen had a morning doctor's appointment, and Gordon had the day off, so they went off together and, after the appointment, prowled around a couple of antique shops for fun.
Danny shows his new haircut to Karen, already anticipating the warmer weather. Even haircuts are hard to arrange on our current schedule.
Danny enjoys some time on the deck in a scene from Spring. Except that this picture was taken on February 25th. Weird.
Karen makes some sketches of the new, larger trailer she wants to build on the only available surface: the take-home box from the restaurant.
William shovels the huge pile of snow that accumulated on the back deck during one-and-a-half storms (a half storm because Gordon had shoveled it off in the middle of the first storm).
Danny scrapes snow and ice off the front deck.
"No, I wasn't even considering getting onto the table. How could you think such a thing? I'm just innocently sitting on the arm of this chair."
Danny and William shovel out the cars from the latest overnight snowstorm.
Karen and Gordon went out for Valentine's Day. Karen, ever the architect, wanted pictures of the interesting shutters at the restaurant.
Gordon came in with snow in his hair from shoveling on the back deck. He was trying to stay ahead of the latest storm.
William got new glasses. They are similar to the glasses he had before; the lenses are a little bigger, the frame a bit thicker, and it has a dashing greenish-yellow highlight on the earpiece.
Gordon got new glasses. He decided to go with a very different frame style. He was looking for John Lennon glasses, but this is as close as he could get.
Gordon at the his new job, working the front desk at a timeshare.
Karen makes some notes in her house-building notebook while waiting for service at a cute little bar and grill that we found on the way home from going to the movies.
Gordon gets ready to go to work in the latest addition to our driveway: a 2005 Honda Civic.
Danny and Karen waiting for a tiny house presentation at a library in Henniker. It was a long trip, but an informative presentation.
The cats are often at odds, but they will put their differences aside if it means sharing the cozy spot in front of the heater.
William with the loaves of bread he made for our dinner. The dough came out of the bread maker, but early so that it had only one rise. The texture was lightly chewy and the egg-washed crust just slightly crunchy. Odd-looking loaves, but really delicious bread.
Danny and William with a giant snowball they made while shoveling the remains of the most recent storm.
William with his computer apart on the bed. The power supply and the cooling fan on one of the cards conked out at the same time. He's fixing it himself.
Thomas tosses pizza dough like a pro for our dinner. Gordon made the dough and William dressed and baked the pizza, and the results were, as expected, delicious.
Karen transforms pieces of felt into little snowy pine cones.
The remnants of the annoying ornament, which is surprisingly tough: note that the lights still work!
Daniel gets ready to smash the world's most annoying holiday ornament, the one that sings when activated by sound or motion, and has no off switch.
William has an audience while shoveling off the back deck.
Ambush sits in the arm and back of Gordon's captain's chair. It doesn't look too comfortable, but probably worth it to catch some sunshine.
William and Daniel shovel out from the big storm. We have to be very careful where we pile the snow so that we don't block the view of the road from our driveway.
Daniel left Gordon on message on Karen's car while cleaning up after the huge snowstorm that Karen had to come home in. Just look at her car!
William once again learns what happens when you try to steal Mom's chair: you get sat on!
Daniel plays the Pokemon card game with William while Karen reads her new book and Erin does origami with her new papers.
William plays the Pokemon card game with Daniel.
Karen and Gordon shows off their new knit caps, Minions and Jack Skeleton.
Karen rattles her giant Ferro Roche, which is a chocolate shell filled with normal-sized Ferro Roche candies.
Tom, Erin, Daniel, and William open gifts on Christmas morning.