Danny climbs the rocks near the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine during a day trip with Karen.
A conceptual art piece that Karen and I encountered at the Currier museum in Manchester. The camera captured us and turned us into part of the artwork.
William cuts some cantaloupe for our breakfast. Now that he's such an expert at food prep (not being facetious here), he complains a lot about the quality of our knives.
Daniel looks at a needle-felt art piece at a gallery reception that he went to with Gordon and Karen.
Gordon lines up a shot of the grapevines on the arbor at Strawbery Banke.
Gordon's photo of the grapevines with just a glint of sunlight.
Karen relaxes under an arbor at the Strawbery Banke museum in Portsmouth, where she and Gordon got to spend time during one of their rare mutual days off.
Karen paints the floor of the new camper with waterproof paint.
Karen turns some squash into a healthful spaghetti substitute using a handy little device called "Veggetti."
A little animation of the "Vegetti" gadget at work.
Something Karen found on Pinterest called a"bacon-wrapped burger roll." It has ground beef, ham, cheese, spinach, and bacon. It's yummy.
William shows off his first-ever paycheck, as he heads off for another shift at the club.
Karen trying to keep her new trailer dry, or more to the point, the wood stored inside it, which is waiting for a clear day that both she and Gordon have off to start the construction.
William cutting up some rotisserie chicken for us to use on chicken tacos.
Karen used William's sauce to create her own version of Salisbury steak.
The dinner that William made: potato croquettes, steak, and blanched broccoli with William's own sauce.
Gordon bought an old lens for his new camera so that he could make better use of the manual controls for filmmaking.
William blanches some fresh broccoli for dinner, which included steak, potato croquettes, and a delicious sauce of William's own devising.
Daniel clears 4'2" at the high jump at the state meet; this was the first year he qualified.
William taking a picture of Gordon taking a picture of William.
Click the picture to see our build on Tom and Erin's bed frame.
Gordon uses a scrap of molding as a spacer to make installing balusters on the deck much faster. He and William also pre-drilled the lumber and inserted the screws ahead of time.
Karen tries to work out how to deal with a protrusion into side of the trailer and still have the walls of her new camper be flush to the side.
Danny horsing around with a friend at the track meet.
Danny carefully measures oil for making a loaf of chocolate zucchini bread, with a little coaching from Karen.
Karen turned some leftover roast beef into a delicious strogonoff.
William dips a strawberry in chocolate to serve with his ladyfingers. Karen and Danny found the miniature fondue pot in a thrift shop on some fo their travels.
Our little fondue pot with melted chocolate, just waiting for strawberries and ladyfingers for the perfect dessert.
Gordon out with his new camera trying to get some pictures of the elusive birds in the trees. They weren't cooperating this morning.
Daniel got off the sofa to wedge himself under the coffee table and play with his tablet. Somehow, he thinks that this is more comfortable.
William all dressed up and ready to go to his first job interview.
Karen, sitting on the porch sorting through her gardening equipment and supplies, enjoys watching a woodpecker in a nearby tree.
A woodpecker looks down from the tree at the bird feeder hanging from a post on our front porch, deciding if it is safe to come down and partake while Karen is sitting nearby.
William tries to hide from Gordon's ever-present camera while watching a tennis match.
Thomas starts to assemble the entertainment center for the apartment that he and Erin moved into over the weekend.
Daniel stands guard—well, sits guard—over our new trailer, which was used to move furniture into Tom ans Erin's apartment, but which will eventually be turned into a another camper.
Ambush wants desperately to catch the squirrel on the deck. The squirrel wants desperately to steal the bird food hanging from the balcony joists. Ultimately, the squirrel made out slightly better than the cat.
Thomas looks around the apartment that he and Erin are moving into at the end of this week.
William takes off his hoodie in the sudden wave of warm weather we got. He was watching the girls' tennis match.
Gordon mixes up some egg creams, which have neither egg nor cream, for the family. Odd as they are, they are also very tasty.
Karen removed a kitchen drawer to do a little spring cleaning, and Sukkie decided that it was a new cat cubbyhole.
Tom gives Erin a little cuddle after bowling.
Gordon gets a high five from Danny and smiles from Tom after a perfect strike.
Karen and William work on decorations for an unusual class project: a model of a cell in the form of a cake.