Danny's perfect Spring afternoon: sunshine, a good book, and a cup of iced coffee.
Karen posing with a Volkswagen Thing, which brought back some 70s memories. She also bought one of those gorgeous blankets.
Danny exploring an old steam shovel at the Vintage Fair. It reminded Karen of the character Mary Ann from "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel."
Danny found this vintage Caterpillar tractor at the Vintage Fair.
Danny at a Vintage Fair he went to with Karen in Dublin, New Hampshire.
Karen and Gordon in front of the community art mural in the basement of the Currier Art Museum in Manchester.
William and his friend Paulo serve the last buffet of the season at the restaurant run by the school's Culinary Arts program.
Daniel chugs the last of a half gallon of chocolate milk that he and Karen bought as a special treat to share between Danny and Gordon. No one else in the house is a fan.
Karen tries a dessert we made at home. The only ingredients are frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, and a touch of vanilla. Topped with whipped cream, of course.
Karen and Danny play around in the pool at the Windrifter. Not quite the season for swimming in the lake yet.
Karen tests the clam chowder she and Gordon made for a camp potluck. Karen rigged the cooking gear so that we can cook from the back of the car.
Gordon stirs some camp clam chowder that he and Karen made with their portable camp-cooking setup in the back of the Forester.
Karen and Gordon take a selfie in the rain at Salisbury State Beach.
Karen takes on walk on the beach in Salisbury Massachusetts on a chilly and rainy May day.
Thomas sitting in front of his computer screens. It's a little hard to tell in this picture, but Erin and Tammy (Tom and Erin's roommate) colored his hair dark purple recently.
William William examining a slight defect in the paint of his car. That's right, his car, bought with his money, ready to take him to work when he gets his licene.
William getting in some practice driving so that he can get his license. So far, pretty good.
Danny tried a burger joint they called 5 Guys after Danny had spent the day with Thomas. Danny liked it, but Karen, spoiled by Fuddrucker's and Johnny Rockets, was unimpressed.
Karen at the mitre saw making window trim for a Habitat For Humanity build that Lowes let their employees volunteer for on company time.
Erin and Karen enjoy a rare chance to talk over dinner. Tom and Erin have moved a bit farther away, so we don't see them quite as often.
Gordon laughs at something Erin said while out to dinner with the family.
Thomas enjoys a rare night at dinner with Erin, Gordon, and Karen.
William serves at the dining room run by the culinary program at the school.
Karen gives a little attention to the sleeping cat.
Daniel does some yard work for our neighbor.
Sukkie could hardly wait for Karen to wash the campfire smell out of her hair before saying hi (and getting warm).
Karen getting out of the Forester, showing what we can home to: an unexpected bit of ice and snow. We were a little nervous about getting home with the trailer, but it was not bad after all.
Daniel sits in an old and not-really-restored Model A that one of our host's friends brought by while we were camping.
Karen runs the breakfast grill on Sunday morning, in the garage because we thought the rain might come. It waited until everyone was on their way, though.
Gordon and Danny pack the canopy for the trip home from camping.
Danny and Karen relax by the giant fire at the campout. At first the weather was springtime warm, but by nightfall it was nearly down to freezing.
Karen checks the set-up of the trailer, the canopy and the tent that were our sleeping quarters for Saturday night.
Forester and teardrop trailer ready for the first campout of the season.
William made this dish of chicken and apples with rice in a sauce of his own devising as an assignment in culinary arts.
Karen in a selfie showing that it was snowing when she arrived at work, as a cruel April Fool's joke.
William fell asleep with Sukkie on his chest while watching TV.
Karen and Danny inspect a new tent which Danny will be sleeping in on our next camping trip.
William talks to an admissions counselor about the culinary arts program at one of our state community colleges.
Danny took this picture of Sukkie basking in the sun on a colder-than-normal April day.
Danny entertains himself with his phone while waiting for his team's turn in the robotics competition in Maine.
Danny signs one of Tom's lawn flamingos.
Gordon signs one of the lawn flamingos that we got for Thomas, a joke that grew out of his birthday card.
Thomas gets tortured with the lotus flower, which played "Happy Birthday" without end, at his birthday celebration at a Japanese steakhouse.
Karen, Danny, and William dig out the Forester so that Karen can get to work in the snow, and so Gordon can get to the snow blower and clean up the yard before he leaves for work.